Video: Gavin Friday and Crash Ensemble rehearsal
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Team Friday’s down in Cork on the banks of the Lee for a show with Ireland’s Crash Ensemble. It’s part of The Reich Effect, a five-day celebration of Steve Reich’s 75th birthday presented by the Cork Opera House. Gavin will be performing Frederic Rzewski’s Coming Together, and Íarla Ó Lionáird will come in to do Donnacha Dennehy’s Grá agus Bás. Crash Ensemble will also play two pieces by Steve Reich himself.

Today the ensemble (which includes Kate Ellis, who you’ll know from playing on Gav’s album ‘catholic’!) and Gavin rehearsed in the Sean O’Riada room of UCC’s School of Music. They went through various parts separately first and then did a complete run through of the 20-minute piece. It sounded pretty great already. ‘Coming Together’ is an emotive, rousing piece of music and Gavin uses his voice (and body) to great effect.

Tickets are still available – so if you’re in the neighbourhood… come see the show!

Full programme:


Reich: 2×5

Dennehy: Grá agus Bás (featuring Íarla Ó Lionáird)

Rzewski: Coming Together (featuring Gavin Friday)

Reich: Double Sextet


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