Reviews (Russian) “True music for grown ups” – Rolling Stone & Maxim *****

Thanks to our man in Russia for sending in two great reviews from the local Rolling Stone and Maxim magazines. Four and a half stars, says Rolling Stone. Five, says Maxim. 

Spasibo (thank you), says we.

Rolling Stone:


For Gavin, it’s not just total recall of how to write songs and sing – he enrolls in the night school of life and learns to breath, feel, love all over again. We’ve never heard the Gavin of “Lord I’m Coming” before: here is a man, “who’s had his fill, his share of losing”, facing his Maker in a one-on-one intimate conversation devoid of go-betweens or church props.



This record is for solitary listening – take it in while soberly trawling the depths of your own soul, and then it’s best numbers (groovy electro-pop of “Able”, erotic symphony of “A Song That Hurts”, restless soul-funk of “Where’d Ya Go? Gone”) will play itself out in such a wealth of hues and nuances, that only true music for grown-ups is really able to.

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