Month: May 2011

“Ziggy Stardust having sex with Johnny Rotten” – The Last Word

Over the course of the week, it became clear that this, like the royal wedding, was a story we could never hope to fully understand. So instead Gavin Friday came on The Last Word and explained the significance of his new album cover.

He is pictured on his deathbed in a military uniform, draped in a tricolour, with “catholic” emblazoned on his shoulder. “I’m bonkers, Matt,” was the explanation the nation was expecting, but instead Friday referenced John Lavery and delivered an erudite analysis of the country we’ve been and the country we’re becoming.

Then Matt (Cooper) asked him to describe the music of his former band the Virgin Prunes. “If you imagined Ziggy Stardust having sex with Johnny Rotten,” said Friday. “We were its offspring.”

“I don’t think I want to necessarily imagine that, is the only problem,” said Cooper.